07.5-12 S400/S400 Side Mount

Create your own side mount style compound piping or complete kit. All tubing and flanges are tig welded, made from mild or stainless steel and jigged to ensure you have the strongest product available. Braided oil feed & drain lines with AN style fittings provide a leak-free oiling system. 2 piece v-banded intercooler tubing eliminates silicone coupler failure. If turbos are purchased from us, the turbo compressor covers will be v-banded  to elimintate all silcone connections. If you already have turbos the inlet of the S400's will be silicone connections. 2 piece v-banded downpipe make for easy install that can be done with one person and easily adjustable to align the exhaust. This product can be purchased as piping only or as a complete kit with both S400 turbos. Turbo blankets included on 10-20 trucks to protect firewall wiring.


Cast 464/83/1.0 T4 paired with cast S480/96/1.32 1000hp

Billet 467.7/83/1.0 T4 paired with billet S480/96/1.32 1050hp

Billet 472/87/1.0 T4 paired with billet V2 cover S488/96/1.32 1300hp

Billet 476/93/1.10 t6 paired with billet V2 cover S491/104/1.32 1500hp



Hot pipe

Down pipe

Charge pipe

Intercooler pipe

5" intake

Manifold spacer

Air filter

T bolt and V band clamps

Oil feed lines

Oil drain lines

5-ply silicone couplers

Hardware and gaskets

Turbo bracket (side mount)

Coolant riser delete

CCV re-route

Trans dipstick bracket

Coolant caps and clamps

Turbo blankets

Install instructions


2-6 week lead time, please call or email for an exact eta.


**Works only with 2nd gen style manifold. Aftermarket coolant tank required**

07.5-12 S400/S400 Side Mount

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